Reputation Advocate Allows Small Business to Make Name for Themselves

Reputation Advocate Managing Director Steven Wyer understands that entrepreneurs and business owners experience the heavy toll of early-morning meetings and late-night deadlines. When competing with regional, national and even global operations, local companies can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. Acknowledging the enormous responsibility of owning and operating a business, Reputation Advocate encourages business owners to be proactive about protecting and enhancing their company’s online reputation. Wyer says this vigilant attention pays off by generating goodwill and curbing the potential for damaging reviews.

Historically, a single negative online review would not be in the position to destroy a business. However, Wyer and the team at Reputation Advocate understand how the continued rapid emergence of the Internet now means that one misstep can go viral and have a wide-ranging impact for one’s personal or professional online reputation. A poor rating or review can tarnish that online reputation in the eyes of millions of consumers.

Reputation Advocate refers to a recent study from M/A/R/C Research that reported 79 percent of all smartphone owners in the United States have used their phones to search for reviews regarding a potential purchase. That amounts to 142 million people who may be interested in connecting with your business and its services, points out Steven Wyer. We can expect that consumers will continue to research and read reviews on an ever-widening range of mobile devices.

Since the Internet still provides a great deal of anonymity there are countless places where unfavorable content like legal documents, complaints, criticisms, and other negative comments come to be featured prominently. Reputation Advocate advises businesses to be proactive in handling these problematic issues.

Company Websites

Reputation Advocate understands that your business website is most likely the heartbeat of your online marketing. A website should tell prospective customers everything they want to know – from product photos to amenities, specialty services to customer reviews. Reputation Advocate has seen businesses make a strong impact on their prospective customers by continually delivering relevant and information content. The more the business website is updated, the more interested customers will be. Keeping a website fresh requires more than just updating text after each new product launch or discount period. The best recommendation includes using videos, images and photos to convey what might be missed through text copy alone.

Social Media

When reaching out to prospective customers through social media, Reputation Advocate underscores the importance of respecting their time and attention. Effective online marketing is about using all the tools at your disposal to engage with prospective customers and acquire positive reviews about your products and services. LinkedIn and Facebook users are very different, advises Reputation Advocate ’s Steven Wyer, and they need to be engaged in different manners. Twitter, on the other hand, is a major channel for customers who have questions about sales or support. Leaving their questions unanswered can make a business appear unprofessional. It’s important to be visible on social-media networks and monitor these sites for customer questions and brand mentions. Linking website content to social-media channels – including Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Facebook, and YouTube – is vital.

Professional Support

For business owners and managers trying to measure progress, Reputation Advocate has the ability to draw a clear connection between strategy and results. The team at Reputation Advocate has witnessed how large corporations and small businesses alike are frequent targets of angry customers or agitated employees. The best time to examine company content marketing efforts is not in the middle of crisis but in the beginning stages. A business must dedicate internal resources to the process or seek outside help from a reputable online reputation management firm like Reputation Advocate. The experts at Reputation Advocate can provide world-class, comprehensive reputation management, digital branding, and social media marketing services for your business.



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