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SEO expert Steven C. Wyer discusses the who, what, and why related to content publishing and link building.

Q: What is link building?

Steven C. Wyer: Link building is the way SEO implementers get other authoritative websites to link back to a site. If you have ever read an article on Yahoo or Google, you’ve no doubt noticed underlined blue text that directs to the article’s source material. These are links.

Q: Why are they important?

Steven C. Wyer: Think of a website like a carousel, with each link being a seat. More seats mean more traffic and higher visibility. No one is going to bring their friends to a merry-go-round with a lone horse.

Q: Who should be involved in a company’s link building efforts?

Steven C. Wyer: Most businesses should have input from a number of departments/individuals including the business owner, content creators, public relations, and web developers.

Q: What does the public relations department have to do with online marketing efforts?

Steven C. Wyer: The PR department are the men and women who are tasked with getting the business noticed in the first place. Without eyes being pointed in the right direction, no one is going to notice the site or want to link to it.

Q: Are links really that important to search engine optimization efforts?

Steven C. Wyer: Yes! Many people believe that SEO is strictly the content posted on a site. That could not be further from the truth. Of course, great and informative content is vital, but link building is just as important, even though it goes on behind the scenes.

Q: What is an Outreach Specialist?

Steven C. Wyer: This is a person who knows how to reach out to other sites that might benefit from the information found on their client’s website. For instance, a dog groomer might find it valuable to connect with a pet behavioral therapists. The two sites can link in their blog posts or articles and each will benefit.

Q: How many different people should handle the link building process?

Steven C. Wyer: I find that it is beneficial to have multiple people or groups of people working on creating links. It looks unnatural in the eyes of the web crawlers to have links formed one way and one way only.

Q: Who should create the content for a website?

Steven C. Wyer: That really depends on the company. Certain types of businesses do better when their experts craft the content, which can then be optimized by an SEO specialist. However, business owners who are not confident in their writing skills may wish to use a content creator to author their work.

Q: How much input should the webmaster have in the content design of a website?

Steven C. Wyer: The webmaster is the person who knows the site’s ins and outs. He or she is a valuable asset whose advice regarding keyword and content placement should be taken into consideration from the beginning.

Q: What is a PBN link?

Steven C. Wyer: PBN, or Private Network Blogs, are websites that content marketers purchase the opportunity to be linked from in order to achieve a higher Google pagerank.

Steven C. Wyer is the head honcho at Third Coast Interactive, Inc., a decade-old digital branding firm located in Nashville, Tennessee.

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